High Street Property Fund

Various locations

PROJECT STATUS: Project ongoing
REGENERATION STRAND: Town Centres & High Streets

The High Street Property Fund has been established to transform forgotten and unloved high streets, to bring properties back into use and create homes at the heart of each community.

The project is aiming to buy, repurpose, and refurbish properties in areas in pressing need of revitalisation, particularly Outram Street on the edge of Sutton town centre, and the high streets of Huthwaite, Stanton Hill, Kirkby, and Annesley.

Kirkby High Street

When a shop is sitting empty, it can be an eyesore on the high street and a visible sign of decline. This project brings those properties back to life, with investment in refurbishment and regeneration, installation of sustainable energy solutions, and in some cases conversion of parts of the building for residential use.

A housing company will manage a portfolio of properties that are bought, sold, and rented out, with profits being invested to create a sustainable cycle of growth. The project also includes units at the new Kirkby Indoor Market, with the first floors made into brand-new homes. The Fund will also provide work experience for learners from construction courses at Vision West Nottinghamshire College (VWNC). 

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