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Weight Management

ChangePoint Nottinghamshire, want to help people and their family get their weight back on track and support people in achieving a healthy weight and staying there.

ChangePoint helps people take control of their own health and wellbeing. Our team of clinical experts, including nutritionists, dietitians, and physical activity specialists will help dispel myths and fads around the health, fitness and food industry to enable people to manage their weight.

The approach is drawn from years of experience, academic research and only uses the most up-to-date information out there to bring an effective, friendly weight management programme.

Delivered by Everyone Health, in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council and supported by other partners, ChangePoint is helping to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities.

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Engage Falls Programme

Engage Falls Programme is a new group exercise programme for adults aged over 55 who may have mobility or stability challenges.  The classes involve a number of chair-based exercises and OTAGO – which blends seated and standing exercise sessions designed to improve balance, strength and co-ordination.

Engage Falls Programme