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Business Support Team

The Business Support Team offer a free service that’s designed to provide practical information and assistance to help you bring your business to Ashfield. Whether you are an individual, an SME or a large multinational looking to invest or locate in Ashfield, they will provide you with a tailor-made service, providing essential local knowledge and services through a single point of contact

They are here to help smooth your investment journey. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Advice about locations, property searches and site visits
  • Bespoke market intelligence to support business cases and planning applications
  • Information on workforce skills and signposting to business support
  • Assistance with PR and marketing
  • Familiarisation tours
  • Aftercare service

Business investment services are available to national and international companies wishing to locate in Ashfield, as well as those already established in the county.

If you require further support with your enquiry, please contact the Business Support Team using the contact details below:


Ashfield’s Education and Skills Improvement Plan is now live!

Ashfield District Council has developed a new 10-year plan (2022-2031) which is the evidence base for local education and skills insights, priorities, success stories and initiatives, delivered by Ashfield’s Education and Skills Partnerships.

This plan comes at a time when the district is cautiously moving into recovery from the effects of a global pandemic. It offers a reflection on Ashfield’s education and skills journey to date and outlines the strategic direction of travel that will enable people, businesses, and communities in our district to build back, to aspire, thrive and prosper going forwards. 

Drawing on our skills and labour market strengths, challenges and ambitions, this plan aims to act as a springboard for future engagements, creative partnerships and conversations, where a diversity of voices from across the skills spectrum are heard, including employers, educators, learners and policy makers. It offers a wealth of insights and ideas for use by any individual or organisation with an interest in education and skills development in Ashfield.

Our Education and Skills Improvement Plan is now live and can be viewed here: https://www.ashfield.gov.uk/your-council/strategies-plans-policies/education-and-skills-improvement-plan

After reading the plan, if you have any ideas which will help shape our strategic direction, or if you feel you can add value to discussions within our Education and Skills Partnerships, then please contact: business.support@ashfield.gov.uk




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