Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership

The Vision of the Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership (Be Healthy, Be Happy) is “To help people improve their health and wellbeing, develop pride and aspiration in our communities and promote Ashfield in a positive manner.

The Aims of Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership (Be Healthy, Be Happy) are to work in partnership and collaboration, to improve health and wellbeing for all by:

  • Tackling health inequalities
  • Educating and engaging children and young people to have the best start in life
  • Encouraging and empowering families and adults to lead a healthy life
  • Embedding an approach to place based delivery
  • Improving community assets to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Increasing connectivity between organisations, leading to a more coherent and joined up offer for people in Ashfield.

Ashfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership (Be Healthy, Be Happy) will seek to achieve its aims by:

  • Providing strategic direction for health and wellbeing
  • Overseeing the implementation, delivery and review of the Be Healthy, Be Happy section of the Discover Ashfield development plan
  • Identifying shared priorities through the development planning process
  • Contributing to and influencing the system in Ashfield including but not limited to Nottinghamshire Healthy and Sustainable Places Board, Mid Notts
  • Staying Healthy and Independent Board, Ashfield North and South Primary Care Networks
  • Improving connectivity and communication to develop a dynamic environment conducive to partnership working and sharing of good practice
  • Championing and lobbying the case for health and wellbeing through the Discover Ashfield Ambassadors programme
  • Advising on or determining the allocation of funding opportunities and resources that may impact on health and wellbeing, Active Recreation, Cultural
  • and Physical Activity in Ashfield

If your organisation would like to get involved in the partnership, please email healthandwellbeing@ashfield.gov.uk